Types of Employer Misconduct

Employers are required to abide by federal and state employment laws, or labor laws. Since labor law is complex and can be difficult to interpret, it’s advisable to consult an employment lawyer in Woodland Hills if you think your employer may have committed a violation. Some of the most common types of employer misconduct include employment discrimination, breach of contract, and wage and hour law violations.

Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is prohibited under both federal and state law. Unfortunately, it’s also among the most common types of cases that an employment lawyer might investigate. Discrimination against employees because of their age, national origin, religion, disability, gender, race, or genetic information is prohibited under federal law. California also prohibits discrimination on the basis of an individual’s sexual orientation and status. Employment discrimination can take many forms. It may manifest itself in hiring practices, for example, or actions such as promotions or termination. Benefits and compensation are other facets of the employee-employer relationship that may be affected by discrimination.

Breach of Contract

labor law woodland hills caNot all employees have contracts. However, if you were asked to sign an employment agreement and you believe your employer may have violated one or more of its provisions, you have the right to consult an employment lawyer. Both you and your employer are legally bound by the terms of the agreement.

Wage and Hour Law Violations

Employers must comply with regulations pertaining to the minimum wage for their state. They are also required to pay overtime compensation to employees who perform work in excess of eight hours to a maximum of 12 hours for any work day. Employees are entitled to a meal break of at least 30 minutes for each shift of a certain length. If you believe your employer has violated these regulations, you can consult an employment lawyer about filing a claim.


Employees are protected from being threatened, harassed, demoted, fired, or otherwise punished for engaging in certain protected activities. These activities include filing a wage claim, taking time off to serve on a jury, refusing to perform hazardous work, reporting corporate fraud, or reporting an unsafe working condition to OSHA. Retaliation for these activities is another type of employer misconduct.

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