Types of Employer Misconduct

Employers are required to abide by federal and state employment laws, or labor laws. Since labor law is complex and can be difficult to interpret, it’s advisable to consult an employment lawyer ...
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Different Aspects of Divorce

Making the decision to file for divorce is often difficult, but the process of divorce can be even more challenging, especially if you’re trying to file for divorce without the help of a family ...
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Preparing for Your Divorce Consultation

Before you go to a family law practice near Woodland Hills, take a few minutes to gather together important documents. Your divorce lawyer will need to review any legal paperwork you have that applies ...
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Google Reviews!

We do our very best to make sure you our client is happy. We’ll go out of our way to help you. If you like what we’ve done for you then help us out by leaving us a positive review on our ...
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Reasons to Choose the Law Offices of Allan P. Loewe

Family law is a complicated subject, often fraught with emotion. When you’re in need of a family law attorney in Woodland Hills, it’s important to choose one with the experience and ...
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How Is Child Support Determined?

Family law varies from state to state. While there is no standard formula for calculating the amount of child support a parent might be required to pay, there are many factors that the judge may ...
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Grounds for Divorce in California

Family law varies from state to state, including laws regarding the legally acceptable grounds for divorce. If you believe your marriage is no longer salvageable, it’s time to visit a family ...
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Annulment and Divorce

Have you been thinking of consulting a divorce lawyer, yet haven’t done so because of religious reasons or personal concerns? You may be eligible for an annulment instead. If you’re ...
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Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Deciding to file for divorce is often more difficult when the marriage involves children. Family law in California is designed to nurture the relationships the child has with both parents whenever ...
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Answers to Your Questions About Divorce in California

Divorce is a tricky process to navigate, both in terms of emotional challenges and legal matters. If you're anticipating a divorce, particularly one that involves complicated issues such as child ...
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Filing for Divorce

If your marriage has deteriorated, you can turn to a family law practice for guidance on filing for divorce. A family law attorney in Woodland Hills can explain the state laws that apply to you and ...
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What to Know About Child Support in California

In California, a temporary, permanent, or modified order may determine child support issues. Once a child support order has been determined, your local child support agency (LCSA) will enforce the ...
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What Is No-Fault Divorce?

In every state, a spouse may file for no-fault divorce. A divorce lawyer near Woodland Hills may recommend this type of divorce filing because it does not require you to prove that your spouse engaged ...
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How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

Even if you don't feel that your divorce will be particularly contentious, it's important to have a divorce lawyer as your ally. Your divorce lawyer can protect your financial future, enabling ...
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What Is Joint Custody?

Child custody cases are often difficult to resolve because of the emotional nature of these issues. When you meet your family law attorney, discuss your goals for child custody. You may wish to seek ...
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Attorney Spotlight: Annette R. Kulik

Since 1993, family law attorney Annette R. Kulik has been pleased to serve clients of the Law Offices of Allan P. Loewe. For nearly 25 years, Ms. Kulik has helped clients navigate child custody cases, ...
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Ending Your Marriage: Divorce, Separation, and Annulment

Couples in California have three basic options for ending their marriage. Depending on your unique situation, your family law attorney might recommend that you seek a legal separation, annulment, or ...
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Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Before selecting a family law attorney, it's a good idea to evaluate several practices that specialize in family law. Check the websites of a few lawyers to evaluate their experience and research ...
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We Want to Hear From You!

Hey we're always excited to hear from our happy clients! If you've had a positive experience with us then review us on our Google Plus page!
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Factors in Determining Child Custody

In fact, under California law, the court considers a multitude of factors to determine what is in the best interests of the child. Additionally, the California court system will grant equal ...
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Meet Attorney Allan P. Loewe

If you're looking for a family law attorney in Woodland Hills, consider scheduling a free consultation to get to know Allan P. Loewe of the Law Offices of Allan P. Loewe. After graduating from law ...
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The Basics of Child Custody

If it's time to visit a divorce lawyer at a family law practice, you likely have a lot of questions about child custody. Child custody cases are highly complicated and emotional for all involved ...
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