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Woodland Hills Family Law Attorney - Law Offices of Allan P. Loewe

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For 30 years we have represented some of America's largest corporations, many of its small businesses, and thousands of individual clients. We are proud of the work we have done. It is our sincere belief that every client, big or small, affluent or struggling, deserves the same dedication, hard work, and level of excellence. And that is the exact product we strive to deliver every day.

We are experienced and compassionate Family Law attorneys with a reputation for honesty and integrity, and for finding practical solutions to difficult problems. Family Law clients can face enormous stress and disheartening uncertainty. Providing our clients with legal guidance and practical wisdom is immensely gratifying.

We are pleased to have been chosen by the Dr. Phil Show as one of its Family Law consultants.

Our Woodland Hills & Los Angeles Legal Services:

In addition to our Family Law practice, we are also Employment attorneys. For 18 years we served as lead employment counsel for The Boeing Company and Rockwell International Corporation, handling more California employment cases for these two companies than any other law firm.

Based on a survey of Fortune 100 Companies, we were recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the "Go-To Law Firms At Top U.S. Companies." We are one of the smallest law firms in the country to ever receive this honor. We were also recognized by Corporate Counsel Magazine in its cover story, "Who Represents America's Biggest Companies?"

We also represent employees who have been victimized by discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace. We are often able to use our knowledge of how employers think and how they approach cases to our clients' advantage.

We have special expertise in the following practice areas: Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, Business and Commercial Litigation, and General Litigation - and our broad range of experience enables us to handle almost every type of case and legal service, including domestic violence, name changes, restraining orders, and paternity law.

Despite our corporate credentials, our practice primarily focuses on families, small businesses, neighborhood stores, and people ---- like you, from every walk of life.

No matter who we represent, or what case we're handling, we have built our reputation on the same PLEDGE: We will work aggressively for you. We will listen to you. We will be mindful that it is your case, your business, and your life. And we will always give you honest advise, suggest practical solutions, charge reasonable fees, and do our very best to get excellent results.

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Family Law Resource to
the Dr. Phil Show

Allan P. Loewe Attorney for Dr. Phil

Named one of the "Go-To Law Firms At Top U.S. Companies".

Go-To Law Firms At Top U.S. Companies

Recognized in the cover story,: "Who Represents America’s Biggest Corporations?"

Who Represents America’s Biggest Corporations

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  • Your case won't be handed-off to a Jr. Associate. Your case will be handled by attorneys Allan Loewe and Annette Kulik, who have over 60 years of combined Family Law experience.
  • We were selected by the Dr. Phil Show as one of its Family Law Resources.
  • We do first-class legal work. We were named one of the "Go-To Law Firms at Top U.S. Companies" in a survey of Fortune 100 companies. We represented The Boeing Company and Rockwell International Corporation for over 18 years.
  • We are experienced and compassionate Family Law attorneys who sincerely care about our clients and their kids.